Marvin Pena


*Short Course: Advertising 101.

Presenter: Paul Bittick, California Polytechnic State University.
Room: Producer.
Time and date: Feb. 26.  9-12 p.m.

This short course showed the importance of advertising to college media. It covered the basics of marketing your product properly in order to get more ads and reach new audiences.

Bittick taught how to organize an advertising package to bundle all the ways ads are offered and increase our opportunities to sell more. We learned how to be an advertising consultant more than a salesman.

* Design: Make sure it’s pretty and smart.

Presenter: Linda Puntney, Kansas State University.
Room: Director/Writer.
Time and date: Feb. 26.  3:30-4:20 p.m.

Design is crucial in any publication. This course illustrated the relevance of good design when it comes to making the content readable and easy to understand.

Putney showed how to use hierarchy in content using the right position of graphics, font and colors. She showed the new trend of advertising with QR codes and smartphones.

* Internship! The key to break into the business.

Presenter: Tammy Trujillo, Mt. San Antonio College.
Room: Terrace A.
Time and date: Feb. 27.  10-10:50 p.m.

This workshop explained the importance of internships. The presenter focused on how to get in contact with the person who takes decision in the hiring process and how to get hired for the company that you applied for.

We learned how to deal with rejection and turn that around. We learned how to become desirable to our potential employers.

* How to become Internet famous in 10 easy steps.

Presenter: Brandon Mendelson, Earth’s temporary solution.
Room: Terrace A.
Time and date: Feb. 27.  12 -12:50 p.m.

Social media has become the new way to spread information. Thanks to Facebook, Twitter, Vine, Snapchat and many more, videos and pictures becomes viral in a matter of minutes.

Mendelson explained how news becomes viral. Mendelson also explained why viral news is important.

* Relevance. The overlooked buzz word.

Presenter: Charlie Weaver, University of Oregon.
Room: Terrace D.
Time and date: Feb. 27.  3 – 3:50 p.m.

Journalism had a quiet time for a few decades when things didn’t change much. The last 20 years have been a real challenge for journalists because communication has changed drastically.

In this course we discussed how to keep up with our readers, who are also producing content. We also learned the importance of maintaining credibility despite the new media publishing and posting.

* Free tools to increase your social media following.

Presenter: Andy Dehnart, Stetson University.

* Taking the pulse of your college student body.

Presenters: Staff of The Independent,  Clark College.


Brian Stelter, host of Reliable Sources on CNN.

“Quantity leads to quality.” The host of CNN’s “Reliable Sources” Brian Stelter explained his career as a journalist in the New York Times and how it helps him get where he is now.

Stelter spoke in the Associated Collegiate Press in Los Angeles Feb. 26-Mar. 1. Stelter substituted for David Carr who died days before the event.

Stelter focused on his learning process to become a well-known journalist and all the lessons he learned from Carr while they worked in the New York Times together.

“Keep always your mind open” and “earn the trust with work” are some of the tips Stelter gave to the people who attended to his keynote speech.



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