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Interviewing w/ Laura Widmer, an associate director for ACP-
On Feb. 26, Laura Widmer, the associate director for ACP, gave a presentation on how to conduct a good interview. Widmer presented four key principles: prepare carefully, establish a relationship with the interviewee, ask relevant questions and listen.

She also explained the types of interviews, which are: news, profile, investigative and broadcast.
Widmer said to make sure interviews are in-person, prepared and formal.

Tweets: “Eye contact is key,” Laura Widmer. #ACP2015
Sounds like common sense but listening is key to a good interview. #ACP2015

Photojournalism w/ Francine Orr, photographer for the LA Times
Francine Orr gave a passionate presentation about dignity in photojournalism on Feb. 26 at 11 a.m.
First, she informed the audience of how the journalism business is in danger because technology is hindering the print industry.

Next, she presented two of her award-winning projects. Showing black-and-white photos, the audience witnessed hungry families in Africa and the struggle of autism in America.
Orr mentioned that she was nominated for a Pulitzer prize for the “Living on Pennies” slideshow.

Tweets: Never thought there could be so much heart in photography. #ACP2015
Francine Orr can put so much story into a slideshow of pictures. #ACP2015

Digital Journalism w/ Michael Martinez, CNN News Desk Editor
On Feb. 26 at noon, Michael Martinez, a CNN News Desk Editor, conducted a workshop about running a news website effectively.

Martinez informed the audience that in 2005, a giant transformation to the internet caused many newspapers to go out of business.
He told people the pros and cons of technology with journalism. When a reporter uploads a story, they can edit it with new information that is collected.
But if it’s breaking news that everyone wants, a reporter will have to be fast to get it out since there is competition for trying to get more readers on your website.

Tweets: Lots to learn about an effective database for your publication. #ACP2015
Great workshop on news websites. #ACP2015

Leadership, Image,  Organizational Development w/ Catherine Saavedra, the Editor-in-Chief of Sabre Student News Publication-
Friday morning on Feb. 27, Catherine Saavedra, the editor-in-chief of The Saber, conducted an interactive workshop on how to be an effective leader.

She explained that there is no true definition of a good leader, although the traits of a leader should include; lead by example, be consistent, keep your word, inspire others, create change, admit defeat and stay humble.
An editor-in-chief with these characteristics can run an effective newsroom and can deliver a great newspaper.

Tweets: Learned a lot about myself and how I could become a leader. #ACP2015
“Always admit defeat,” reassuring to know that even the best leaders fail. #ACP2015

Getting the Shot Without Getting Shot w/ Frank LoMonte from the Student Press Law Center-
Frank LoMonte from the Student Press Law Center presented the rights photographers have in order to get news.
The key when being approached by an officer who wants you to turn off your camera, is to ask questions rather than argue and to not be defiant. If it’s a public area, cops can not destroy any photos or video.
Even though photographers have these rights, LoMonte said it’s good to be courteous when taking photos.

Tweets: Great speaker. Learned a lot about photography from Frank LaMonte #ACP2015
Always remember the “Drop Your Pants Rule” when taking photos! #ACP2015

Keynote Speaker: Brian Stelter, CNN
On Feb. 27 at 4 p.m., Brian Stelter filled in for David Carr, a reporter for the New York Times who died days before the ACP convention.
Stelter gave a speech on what Carr taught him about journalism.
The legacy that Carr left had an impact on journalist around the nation.
Stelter also showed a trailer for a movie that he starred in about working at the New York Times.

Tweets: A legacy realized through Brian Stelter. #ACP2015
Journalism will not be the same without David Carr. #ACP2015


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