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Number 1

The Associated Collegiate Press had an interviewing workshop on Feb. 26 from 10-10:50 a.m. located in Terrace C. This workshop was presented by Assistant Director of ACP Laura Widmer. Widmer was a journalism instructor for 33 years.

The most important thing while interviewing someone, according to Widmer, is clarification. She also said it’s important to research beforehand, watch and listen to your interviewee and ask related open-ended questions. “You have to be ready for the ride,” Widmer said.

Number 2

The Associated Collegiate Press hosted a workshop on Feb. 26 from 11-11:50 a.m. located in Terrace B. Two journalism advisors from Pepperdine University Elizabeth Smith and Courtney Stall gave a entitled “Let’s Talk About Sex.” Due to the conservative nature of Pepperdine, their newspaper came out with an issue devoted to sex. “This is something we don’t really talk about at the universities but we really should,” said Stall.

This issue took Pepperdine’s news staff two years to produce, according to Stall, and raised a lot of conversation. As advice, Smith said, “Answer the questions that might add to your publication and provide [the students] with a resource.”

Number 3

“Life in the Fast Lane: Digital Journalism at CNN” was a workshop presented by CNN’s Michael Martinez. As part of the Associated Collegiate Press convention, this workshop was on Feb. 26 from noon-12:50 p.m. in Terrace D.

Martinez said “The transformation [of digital news] was huge and really really fast and social media is now the point of entry.” However, although media has changed the way people get their news, Martinez made it clear that “there’s no substitute for knowing how to tell a story.”

Number 4

A workshop about satire was presented by Dan Reimold from St. Joseph’s University was held in Terrace A from 11-11:50 a.m. on Feb. 27. Reimold said it’s important to identify your target, pick out its pressure points, recognize your angle and simply call bullshit.

However, Reimold said, “Satire should stand from something.” He made a point that satires should be kept short, labelled as satire clearly and draft history.

Number 5

“Internships! The Key to Breaking into the Business” was a workshop presented by Mt. San Antonio College’s Tammy Trujillo. This workshop was on Feb. 27 from 10-10:50 a.m in Terrace A.

Trujillo has won 16 golden mics and has a book deal. Research and persistence is the key to getting a good internship, according to Trujillo.

She also said it’s important to have a cover letter and resume. According to Trujillo, a resume should be like the table of contents and a cover letter should be like the synopsis of yourself. “It’s important to represent with your material who you are,” she said.

“You’re not getting paid in money,” said Trujillo, “but you’re working for experience so you’re not working for free.”


After David Carr’s death last month, the ACP had CNN Senior Media Correspondent and Host of “Reliable Sources” Brian Stelter dedicate a speech to what Carr taught him. The speech was held on Feb. 27 from 4-5:15 p.m.

“[David Carr] was the most influential news reporter of our time,” said Stelter. “There are David Carrs out there who want to teach you and want to learn from you.”

According to Stelter, “If he was still figuring it out, we’re all figuring it out.” Stelter made it clear that when he worked in the New York Times that he was a reporter first. “It’s the most important job we have.”

Stelter said the secret to his success was focus.